Emotional/mental - The energy of Emerald is helpful for all emotional issues that relate to the heart chakra. It is particularly useful in situations where these emotional issues are associated with difficulties with the father or a father figure. It helps to promote a greater acceptance of the masculine principal. It has a generally stabilising effect on the personality at an emotional level and can be supportive for those who easily get caught up in persistent patterns of thought.

Energetic level - The energy of Emerald impacts the heart chakra and aligns the etheric, astral & emotional bodies, which helps the development of psychic gifts and meditation skills. It also strengthens the heart meridian & kidney meridian and encourages elimination of impurities from the etheric blueprint.

Preserved in organic brandy.


Here you can find the many different single Gem & Crystal Essences. They can be taken individually or mixed into combinations to provide more focused help. This extensive collection of Gem & Crystal Essences is a wonderful resource for anyone who enjoys creating their own unique combinations.

Handmade with Love & Care

From making the Mother Tincture to bottling and labelling the stock bottles that we send you, each essence is handmade with love and care helping to ensure that we provide you with the best possible quality of essence.

Storage Advice - It is best to store vibrational medicine in a cool place away from TV’s, microwaves, computers etc.