• Being Present

    Indications - easily ‘spaced out’, ungrounded, maybe drifting off into a dream world of ‘what ifs’ which make it difficult to stay present and focused....
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  • Feeling Safe

    Trusting Life

    Indications - for those who ‘never feel safe’, or perhaps have an unjustifiable sense of impending doom. There might also be difficulty coping with...
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  • Inner Calm

    Transforming Fear

    Indications - deep patterns of fearfulness, worry or insecurity possibly manifesting as unfounded feelings of panic or a deep dislike of something. Also difficulty...
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  • Sexuality

    Remembering innocence

    Indications - for anyone who has difficulty expressing their sexuality in an open, natural and balanced way. Innocent and spontaneous expression of our...
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  • Gold

    The esoteric properties of Gold have been well documented by all the great cultures down the ages. It can be used to great effect in many situations to promote positive transformation.

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  • Emerald

    Emotional/mental - The energy of Emerald is helpful for all emotional issues that relate to the heart chakra. It is particularly useful in situations where these emotional issues...
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  • Agate - Fire

    Works in both the heart chakra and sacral chakra. Harmonising, grounding & balancing. Enhances colour therapy.

    All Agates have a calming and balancing influence on the emotional...
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  • Archangel Michael

    Invoke Archangel Michael for help with Courage, Strength and Protection. He carries the flaming blue Sword of Truth and will if requested use it to cut away any old ties, cords or misaligned...
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  • Archangel Gabriel

    Invoke Archangel Gabriel for help with Clarity, Purity, Order & Discipline. He works to create more Harmony, Beauty & Purity on the Earth. He will help you to develop your intuition...
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  • Archangel Uriel

    Invoke Archangel Uriel and his Angels of Peace in any situation where the energy of Divine Peace is needed. Ask for his help to dissolve your fears so that you can anchor the vibration...
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  • Divine Mother

    The nurturing, compassionate energy of the Divine Feminine is personified in the west by Mother Mary and in the east by Quan Yin. It is only recently that the energy of Divine Feminine...
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  • Sananda

    Perhaps the most well known and loved of all the Ascended Masters through his incarnation as Jesus Christ. He is the Master of the Sixth Ray which embodies the qualities of devotion...
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  • Earth Connection

    Strong foundations

    This spray will very quickly help you to realign and rebalance when you are feeling ungrounded or disconnected from your body. Many of us carry unconscious patterns...
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