Feeling Safe

Feeling Safe

Trusting Life
Indications - for those who ‘never feel safe’, or perhaps have an unjustifiable sense of impending doom. There might also be difficulty coping with change or lack of trust that they will always be looked after. The unconscious belief that ‘the world is not safe’ is a deep-rooted and debilitating pattern in many people. It effectively blocks our ability to recognise our connection with the universal flow and contributes to feelings of separation and vulnerability. Often this belief has its roots in experiences of sudden death or loss in previous incarnations that have left us with unprocessed fear, shock and trauma that now limits our ability to feel safe and to fully trust the flow of life in this incarnation. You might recognize this as a vague unjustifiable feeling that something dreadful is ‘just around the corner’. This combination will gently help to release and dissolve these old memories leaving you free to see life from a new perspective.

Combination of: - Larimar, Blackberry, Mallow, Scarab, Variscite, Blue Quartz.

Preserved in organic brandy.


Divine Harmony Essences

The Divine Harmony Essences are a set of Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence combinations that provide you with the tools that can help you to restore the balance between mind, emotions & spirit, allowing you to manifest your own highest potential.

Deep Acting Help: Each combination in this set of 40 is focused on a particular issue, pattern or state and helps to facilitate an inner change & transformation that is gentle, effective and life enhancing.

Handmade with Love & Care

From making the Mother Tincture to bottling and labelling the stock bottles that we send you, each essence is handmade with love and care helping to ensure that we provide you with the best possible quality of essence.

Storage Advice - It is best to store vibrational medicine in a cool place away from TV’s, microwaves, computers etc.